Everyone in the world will meet a toxic person at some point in their lives.

Liars, narcissists, manipulators and sociopaths are very good at creating drama and dragging other people into it. It can happen at home, with your friends, or even at work with a colleague.

While their behaviour is hard to understand, it often stems from insecurity. If you have a toxic person in your life, here are a few ways to make sure they don’t rule your life – or drag you into the drama!


Don’t gossip with someone who is toxic. Toxic people will share other people’s secrets with you for many reasons; to create drama, to seem interesting, or to gauge your reaction. Don’t gossip back or say anything negative to them, as there is a high chance they will tell everyone. If a toxic person starts gossiping with you, politely excuse yourself.

Ignore their insults. Toxic people love to disguise insults as compliments, such as “You’re brave wearing that – I’d never have the confidence to pull it off!” They want you to wonder about what they said, as it is a power trip for them. Dismiss their offhand comments so they have no control over you.

Ignore attention-seeking behaviour. Toxic people love to be the centre of attention, and often they will act out or behave obnoxiously to gain the attention of other people. Don’t encourage the behaviour by giving them attention – instead focus on the quieter members of the group.

Don’t indulge self-pity. This is the easiest way for toxic people to A. talk about themselves and B. get you involved in their life/drama/problems. Be aware of the pattern and you will never get sucked in!

Stick up for yourself and others. If a toxic person says something nasty about you or someone else, stick up for them. Toxic people often target people who they perceive as weak, and doing this will help them to realize not to mess with you – or other people while you are around.



Toxic people are always present in life; in the office at work, in your friendship group and sometimes even in your own family. Normally people indulge a toxic person for many years, which causes them a lot of stress and guilt.

It is important to identify people who are toxic so you don’t allow them to take over your life and rule it. Your happiness is your priority – here are 5 types of toxic people that you don’t need in your life.


The ‘you’ve changed’ person. This person doesn’t like it when you change, and they want you to be the same person forever. They think change is a bad thing and they are likely to use “you’ve changed” as an insult. They wish to stop your progress and pull you back into the past.

The jealous person. Some toxic people are jealous of other people’s achievements, as they think that they deserved the success more. They will not acknowledge your hard work; instead they will think “But what about me? Where is my reward?” However, these people are rarely hard working – they are too busy judging others to actually progress themselves.

The gossiping person. This person is probably insecure, and they love to use gossip as a way to insult others and divide people. Realistically this person is a coward, and they are easy enough to ignore. Do not listen to their gossip or indulge them and they will struggle to disrupt your life.

The me-me-me person. This person has a huge ego! They believe that they are very intelligent and skilled. They are likely to talk down to others or belittle them, as they don’t believe other people deserve their respect.

The one-sided person. This person thinks that they are your friend, and whenever they have a problem they seek your advice and help. However, when you are down, they are never to be seen. They don’t really care about your problems or feelings – but they like having someone around who will listen to their own personal drama.


If you know a toxic person like this, check out my blog post next week – How to deal with toxic people! It offers simple advice to help you handle toxic people without getting too involved in their lives. I hope you are all having a great week!