Lots of people are introverted, and sometimes they just don’t feel like socializing. They want to spend their day enjoying their own company, but scrolling through Facebook and Twitter can get a little boring.

If you are an introvert who is looking for fun things to do, here are 15 free and fun activities.


  1. Watch a classic old film that you’ve never seen, such as Dracula. Alternatively, watch a newer film that you’ve been meaning to watch.
  2. Take a stroll through Wikipedia, and teach yourself everything you can about one subject.
  3. Sit in your back garden or on your roof at night and watch the stars.
  4. Write a song/poem/short story.
  5. Teach yourself to meditate.
  6. Print off your photographs and put them into a scrapbook.
  7. Start to read a book that you’ve been planning on reading.
  8. Play a free online game – the internet is full of them!
  9. Create a half an hour workout session using Youtube videos – Fitness Blender have lots of short videos that exercise different parts of your body!
  10. If you have a pet, teach it a new trick.
  11. Write a letter to your best friend.
  12. Join a forum that discusses one of your passions. Comment and get involved.
  13. Create a full course meal with the food you already have in your fridge.
  14. Read a creepypasta.
  15. Find the answer to a question you’ve always wondered about.

Do you have any other suggestions? Let me know with a comment!




Most of us want to be happier, but it can seem like a nearly impossible task. Where do you start? What do you do? The truth is anyone can easily be happier – it just takes a few small swaps to your daily life.


Check out 10 small swaps you can make to be happier here.


1. Instead of sitting on social media for an hour, do something else. Read, write in a journal, ring or Skype a friend, take a walk, paint – there are endless possibilities.

2. Instead of saying yes to everything, only say yes when you mean it. Don’t feel guilty about saying no – it’s okay to want to be alone sometimes!

3. Instead of seething when you are in a bad mood, speak to someone about your feelings. It will help you to clear you head and focus on a solution.

4. Instead of going to bed whenever you want, set a regular bed time. You will fall to sleep quicker – and your quality of sleep will be better.

5. Instead of ignoring strangers, smile at them. It will improve both of your moods!

6. Instead of forcing friendships, let the bad ones go. Not all friendships are for life – and holding on to bad ones will leave you both feeling guilty and stressed.

7. Instead of being passive-aggressive, be honest about your feelings. It is better to work out problems openly, instead of skirting around the issue.

8. Instead of trying to please everyone, simply try to please the people you love and yourself. It is impossible to keep everyone happy – and trying is exhausting.

9. Instead of being a pessimist, be an optimist. No-one is born one or the other – you choose how you see the world.

10. If the weather is good, swap sitting inside for sitting outside. It will do wonders for your mood, and nature is pretty epic to look at.


What do you think of this list? Do you have any other suggestions? Let me know in the comments!