Hi everyone! Today I am posting something a little bit different – a company I write for are looking for an intern and a guest contributor. I have lots of amazing, talented followers on here and I wanted to open the job offer up to you guys. Feel free to show it to any of your friends who are writers, too! 🙂


Here are the two positions;


compensation: Minimum wage
employment type: part-time
3 month internship – could result in a job offer
telecommuting okay

A well-established on-line dating website is looking for a part-time intern who can help to maintain the website’s social media presence. The intern will gain experience in social media marketing, writing and PR.

This position is 10 hours a week and the intern can telecommute from anywhere in the UK or the US. The hours will be versatile, but there will scheduled meetings that must be attended. These meetings will provide the intern with valuable feedback to help improve their skills.

Job duties:
Helping to maintain the company’s on-line presence (posting regular statuses and tweets, maintaining the voice of the brand)
Help to source relevant and current content
Pitch content ideas
Create content

Ideally we are looking for a student who is currently working towards a qualification or a recent graduate, but we are open to other candidates.

If you are interested in this position, please email us your resume with a cover letter  and any experience you have to marketing@datebritishguys.com. We look forward to hearing from you!




compensation: $25-$50 per article
employment type: part-time

A well-established on-line dating website is looking for a mature (45+) guest writer from the UK or the US to join the team. The guest writer will create two articles per month for the website’s newsletter. The content will offer advice, insights and tips on love and dating.

The guest contributor will have previous experience creating love and dating content. They will be able to share personal insights and life lessons that are relevant and meaningful to the readers. It would also be beneficial to have a blog or website with a dedicated following, although this isn’t essential.

If you are interested in this position, please email your resume, a cover letter, your rate per article and some samples of your writing to marketing@datebritishguys.com. We look forward to hearing from you!




If you are interested in either of these jobs, please don’t contact me about them over WordPress – just email marketing@datebritishguys.com!

Thank you for reading this!



Being fired by your workplace is often shocking and upsetting. if you need to scream, now is the time to do it – preferably somewhere where your old boss won’t be able to hear you. You may have had notice or this could be a total surprise, but either way the best option is to pick yourself up and get back on the right track straight away with these 7 steps.

1. Try to stay calm

It is understandable for you to feel upset and angry initially, but your biggest priority should be making sure you have a good reference – it could end up getting you your next job. Avoid talking to your old co-workers and boss immediately afterwards; tensions will be high and you may say something you end up regretting. Remember that your job paid the bills and gave you learning opportunities – it was a great experience, and now you are going to try to move on to something better.

2. Register as unemployed

It is very likely you will be eligible for benefits or help while you are out of work. Unemployment is tough and it can be unpredictable, and registering will offer you a financial safety net.

3. Update your Linked-In

Make sure your on-line profiles are up-to-date and include your recent role. Never slam your former boss or company on social media either – this could destroy your chances of getting a great new job and leave you without a good reference.

4. Update your CV

Make sure your last job is on your CV and check that you have highlighted any new skills you learnt while you worked there – this will raise your value and help you find new work.

5. Check out on-line job boards

Upload your CV to different job sites and see what jobs they offer. Job sites are often updated on a daily basis so you can see hundreds of recent job listings – and employers can search for your resume, raising your chances of finding a new job.

6. Create a system for applying for jobs

Ideally you will be applying for multiple jobs each day, which can get a little confusing. Make your life easier by writing down all of the jobs you apply for, along with the name of the company and the person hiring.

7. Follow up your applications

It can be demoralizing hearing nothing after applying for lots of jobs, but some companies don’t provide feedback unless they hire you. Follow up all of your job applications and you will likely receive feedback from a few, which can help you to improve your CV and cover letter. Also – looking keen is never a bad thing. Following up on your application may actually get you the job.


It is very useful for your boss to respect you as it means you’re more likely to move up in the company, and your ideas are more likely to be implemented. It also makes the workplace a less stressful and more enjoyable place to be. However there are actually a few phrases that you should avoid using around your boss – check them out here.

1. “I sent the work out last week, this isn’t my problem”

Passing blame onto co-workers or the boss is a real problem for some people. If your team are slacking and it is slowing you down, openly and calmly speak to your boss about the issue. If you need your boss to do something so work can be completed, remind them. It can be very frustrating to chase after others, but it is much better than silently seething about the issue while work is being affected.

2. “Oh that wasn’t a big deal”

If your boss compliments you, take the compliment! You have worked hard and you shouldn’t shrug it off. Accept the compliment – it shows self-confidence and acknowledges your hard work.

3. “This isn’t the way we used to do it”

Worrying about change and trying to stick to old methods rarely bodes well in the work environment. Most companies are looking to move forward in many ways, making technological and environmental advances. It is great if you have suggestions – this can show you are interested and invested in the company, but complaining without offering a solution will only come across in a negative light.

4. “I’m late because my yoga class ran over”

Yoga is great, but your boss probably won’t accept this as a reason to be late. Many people use half excuses which don’t really excuse them from their duties – instead, it shows their priorities. “I’m late today because my boiler exploded” is a totally valid reason, but “I’m late because the queue at the coffee shop was really long” probably isn’t.

What do you think of this list? Have you ever said something really bad to one of your bosses? Let me know in the comment section! I hope everyone is having a great day! 🙂