Do you think that you work too hard? While everyone works on a near daily basis, some people push themselves to stress and worry from working too hard when they don’t necessarily have to. Everyone has to work – but if your work is making you feel ill with worry, then you probably need to cut back.

Check out 5 signs that show you are working too hard.

  1. You worry about going to work – once you (sort of) enjoyed getting up to go to work to be productive and power your day. Now thinking about going into work makes you feel stressed and fearful.
  2. Your email and voice mail are always full – throughout the working day people are constantly trying to contact you. You have other work to do but you don’t want to ignore anything important – so normally you answer emails and calls during your free time, as well as during work.
  3. Your input is nothing like your output – you work so hard everyday that your batteries are drained and your brain is fried by the end of the day, but you are seeing┬ávery little evidence of your efforts.
  4. You struggle to sleep at night – because all you can think about is work. While you’re supposed to be sleeping you are actually planning how to break down your workload so you manage to get everything done.
  5. You have blurry vision at work – because you spend too much time looking at a computer. You are likely to arrive early and stay late, and often you eat your lunch while you work.

Do you think you work too hard? Or do you have any suggestions for anyone who does work too hard? Let me know with a comment!