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I thought I’d do some more awesome gifts to buy for writers – or if you are a writer, some great items you can treat yourself to. Last time I wrote about waterproof paper and a zero-gravity pen; check out 5 more awesome gifts for writers.

1. Katana Book End

Katana Bookend

Even if you’re not a writer, this is a pretty badass way to store your books. Invest in this if you or a friend have way too many books – it’s sure to get a few compliments!

2. Writer’s Calendar

writers calendar

Writing down my goals and a to-do list helps me to be a more productive writer every day. Make your life more productive and efficient by investing in a calendar!

3. Paper Nib Bookmarks

paper nib bookmarks

These paper nib bookmarks are a great way to stylishly save your page. While they are not an essential, they are a pretty fun way to enjoy your reading time.

4. Laptop Stand

Laptop Stand

This practical gift makes it easier for you to look after your laptop and keep it safe – and it has the added bonus of making your screen easier to see. Perfect for any writer who works on their laptop for more than 25 hours a week.

5. Cube Inspiration Starters

story cubes

Do you know a writer who is struggling to come up with new, fresh ideas? Treat them to these awesome story cubes that will help them to come up with awesome new ideas.

Would you guys use any of these gift ideas, or none? I love the idea of the story cubes, even if they are for children – it’s nice to have a youthful mind :p

Thank you as always for reading my post!



What is the perfect gift for a writer? You probably already have all of the essentials; a notebook, unlimited pens and a laptop. However, there are many quirky gifts out there that make writing easier, more practical and lets face it – more fun.

Check out 5 awesome gifts for writers below.

1. Smart Sweatpants

smart sweatpants

Writers like to be comfortable while they write – that’s why so many of them work in their PJs. However, these awesome smart sweatpants mean you can be super comfy while still looking like a real, adult grown-up – perfect!

2. Writer’s Mug

Writers Mug

This mug is a quite tongue-in-cheek, but I think most of the writers I know would use it with pride. After all, it is pretty accurate, right?

3. AquaNotes


How awesome is this gift? AquaNotes gives you the opportunity to write down any random thoughts or ideas you have while you’re in the shower. I actually come up with a lot of my article ideas while I’m washing my hair, so I may have to treat myself to this one!

4. Writer’s Remedy

Writers Remedy

If you know a writer who has writer’s block, this thoughtful and funny little gift would be perfect for them. Filled with magnetic letters, this could help them get their creative juices flowing – and if not, it is sure to put a smile on their face!

5. Space Pen

Space Pen

This pen is pretty awesome; it can write at any angle, and works in zero gravity. While most writers are firmly seated on Earth, this pen means you can write in bed upside down. Super handy!

What did you guys think of these gifts? Would any be particularly useful to you? I am definitely going to invest in some AquaNotes!

I hope you all had a great weekend 🙂



Hey everyone 🙂

Today I thought I would share an article with you all that I wrote for Lifehack, called ‘10 signs you treat your bestie like a spouse‘. While it isn’t about working from home or productivity, it is a fun light-hearted read. Check it out if you’d like, and let me know if you would like me to share more of my work on here, please comment and let me know!

Hope all of you wonderful people all having a good week so far!



Do you work from home? Working from home opens up a whole new world of strange distractions, from chairs that are too comfortable to life admin you need to catch up on.

Check out 4 weird distractions you may have faced if you work from home.

1. Your Pets

Every day, at some point while you work, your pet will come up to you and try to get your attention. They could want food, letting outside, a stroke, or simply your attention, but you always end up giving in and giving them what they what. They are too cute to ignore – unlike the seven work emails you need to reply to.

2. Any Food In The House

There is delicious food in your cupboards and fridge, and you could be eating it right now. Maybe you will go make yourself a little healthy snack, like a sandwich or a salad. You travel to the kitchen, and spend fifteen minutes looking in your fridge and cupboard- only to settle on toast.

3. How Clean Your House Is

The floor in your bedroom needs vacuuming, and you’ve just noticed that your office desk has a few crumbs on it. The thing is – you never notice any of the mess until you’re supposed to be doing work. You quickly wipe the crumbs off the desk and try not to think about your bedroom floor. You try even harder to not think about all the dirty dishes and laundry.

4. The Internet

The only reason why you went on Youtube was to put some good background music on, but the recommended video was cute kittens – you HAD to click on it. The only thing is, that was over an hour ago – now you’re reading about different cat breeds on Wikipedia while searching cat hashtags on Instagram.

What did you guys think of this follow-up piece? I thought I would write another post about distractions you can be faced with when you work from home as I really enjoyed writing the last piece. Let me know if you can think of any other distractions that I could be faced with when I work from home!



Do you work from home? There can be many strange and surprising distractions in the home, from social media to the kitchen chairs. Sometimes it can just be too difficult to stay focused; check out four of the biggest distractions you face when you work from home.

1. Life Admin

The second you open up your laptop, you remember all of the general jobs you were putting off over the weekend. You need to email your landlord about the problem with the boiler, and you need to call your parents because it’s been over a month since you last spoke to them. You’ll just give them a quick call now, and get straight on with your work afterwards…. Oh, after you’ve given your best friend a ring. After all, it’s been two whole days since you last spoke to them.

2. The Comfort Level Of Your Chair

Or at least, the lack of comfort. The chair in the kitchen is far too hard and unforgiving to sit on for eight hours, but the chair in your bedroom is way too comfortable and squishy for you to stay focussed. You normally sit in your office chair, but that chair just started creaking loudly whenever you move.

3. The TV Show You’re Currently Watching

You’ve just started the second season of Orange Is The New Black and you’re totally hooked. After a few hours of working, your mind slips to the last episode you watched. You just need to watch one episode to see what the next part of the story will be – maybe you will watch one while you eat lunch. Just the one, of course….

4. Your Office Options

When you work from home, you can basically work wherever you want to in the house. Yes, your office is quiet and peaceful, but the kitchen is so warm and sunny in the morning. And the sofa is so comfy after a long morning sat on the uncomfortable kitchen chair – but it provides you with a whole new distraction; the TV.

What did you guys think of this post? Just so you know, I don’t normally struggle to focus on work once I’ve started, but these distractions have all tempted me at least a few times! Especially that kitchen chair. 😉

10 Tips For Hopeful Entrepreneurs

1. Make sure you care about your work. Running a business will take up all of your time and energy – if you don’t care about it, you will struggle to put enough effort in to see great results.

2. Hire a great team. If you are recruiting, make sure the people you hire have similar values to you as well as an excellent work ethic. It doesn’t matter if they have the qualifications on paper if you get the feeling they are disinterested in your business goals. Anyone can learn the skills, but you need someone with the same attitude as you.

3. Have a clear vision. If you want to become an entrepreneur, you will need to have a solid idea – swapping between different projects probably means they aren’t very good ideas. Once you have a clear vision, set out a clear plan on how to make it reality.

4. Put in the time. Success is rarely immediate – as Steve Jobs noted; “if you look closely, most overnight successes took a long time.” A hard working ethic is more likely to make you successful than a good idea.

5. Set goals. Where do you want to be in a year? How much money are you willing to invest? When do you want to start turning a profit? Setting goals will ensure you are working towards your dream every day.

6. Learn from your mistakes. Doing the same thing repeatedly and expecting different results is silly, so prepare to be flexible when you make mistakes. After all, each change is most likely to be an improvement.

7. Think about your customer. Don’t just create a product you think will be useful – think about who it will be useful to. Ask yourself ; who is your target audience? How old are they? How can you make your product appeal to them?

8. Ask your customers for feedback. Don’t assume you know what people what – ask them instead. Carefully listen to their answers, as they could be giving you advice that could make you millions!

9. Deliver more than expected. Don’t promise more than you can give; this will just leave people feeling dissatisfied and unhappy. Instead, deliver more than expected to guarantee happy customers.

10. Spend wisely. This may seem obvious, but budget for mistakes and try to save money wherever you can.

5 things productive people don't do

Debunking Myths About Working From Home

Do you work from home? Many people misunderstand what life is like working from home, so today I thought I would debunk a few popular myths about working from home.

Myth: People who work from home work less hours than people who work in offices.

Truth: We wish! Not having set hours can mean you really struggle to switch off from work. While it is true that we save ourselves a commute, there is still a set amount of work to do every day. If you’ve been working for nine hours and you still haven’t finished, you can’t clock out and go home. You keep working until you’ve finished – so many freelancers actually work around 50 hours a week.

Myth: People who work from home waste time surfing the internet.

Truth: Freelancers rarely get paid hourly – so whenever we take a break to surf the internet, we stop getting paid. Sometimes we check social media or some adorable pictures of cats, but mostly we work – just like people in offices do!

Myth: People who work from home rarely speak to their colleagues.

Truth: With laptops, tablets, smartphones, email and Skype, it has never been easier to get in contact with your co-workers. None of my clients or co-workers struggle to get in contact with me through these methods, and I try to always reply within the hour.

Myth: Working from home is like a holiday.

Truth: We do like to watch TV and eat snacks – once the working day is over! While freelancers do have the option to work in their PJs, they don’t have the option to not work –unless they don’t mind not getting paid. The environment is more relaxed, but the workload is the same.

Can you think of any more myths about working from home? Comment your ideas below – I’d love to hear them! 🙂 🙂

Working From Home: The Dream Vs The Reality Part 2

The Dream: People will admire your willpower and motivation to work from home.

The Reality: Most strangers you meet seem fairly certain you’re unemployed/lazy/socially inept, and you no longer tell anyone you occasionally work in pyjamas. They’re comfy, okay?

The Dream: Working from home has made you totally independent.

The Reality: You’re pretty starved of social interaction, so the sound of your housemates walking through the door is like Santa arriving on Christmas morning. You joyfully run downstairs, switching on the kettle and asking them endless questions about their day. They can talk about whatever they want, you don’t care – so long as you get to listen to the sound of a human talking.

The Dream: Now you don’t have to commute, you have extra time to start exercising.

The Reality: Doing 8 hours of work makes the day a productive day. Afterwards, all you want to do is eat crisps and watch Netflix. Sure, it feels like your brand new, never-worn running trainers are looking at you reproachfully, but the Walking Dead is on and… there isn’t a second part to that. The Walking Dead is on. You can run later…
I loved writing Working From Home: Dream Vs Reality so much that I thought I would do a follow-up piece this week! Today has been a day off for me, so I’ve mostly been eating Twiglets and hummus while watching Community with my housemates and dog – a perfect day by my standards!

Let me know what posts you’d like to see on my blog about working from home. I love writing about my work, but I want to make sure it is interesting and useful to you guys, so comment below if you have any ideas!

Thank you in advance, and have a great weekend everyone. 🙂

Working From Home: The Dream Vs The Reality

The Dream: You’re going to have a really productive morning, so you can finish early and have the afternoon to yourself.

The Reality: You snooze the alarm until 9, when you decide to make breakfast. It takes you half an hour to decide, half an hour to make and eat, and then another half an hour disappeared on Twitter. How is it nearly 11!?

The Dream: You can chill (ahem, work) in your local coffee shop, sipping lattes and feeling inspired.

The Reality: Coffee shops are expensive, and you resent all the young hipsters who can somehow afford expensive coffee (especially since their laptop is nicer than yours, too.) Instead you drink your own coffee at home – normally cold because you just HAD to finish that paragraph.

The Dream: You work alone, so there are less distractions.

The Reality: What was that noise downstairs? I think I have a Facebook notification. I should check Twitter… for work reasons. Oh, and I should tidy my desk before I start working, so I’m more productive while I work. Maybe I should just tidy the whole house. Facebook. I wonder what my housemates are doing? Twitter. Facebook. Okay, okay… I really need to focus now. Wait, did I just hear the postman?

I thought I’d do another little piece on some of the harder parts of working from home. Thankfully most of my days are productive, but I think everyone who works from home can relate to this! I’ve actually had a really productive week – I’ve redecorated my bedroom, and completed a long term transcription project, so now I’m enjoying a bacon sandwich and a cup of tea.

What do you think? Can you think of any other ideas? I’d love to hear them!


The 5 Worst Parts Of Working From Home


I thought I would do another post on some of the things you experience when you work from home – but I thought this time, I would write a piece on some of the worst parts of working from home. Don’t get me wrong, there are lots of things I love about my job; the freedom, the responsibility… But there are some unquestionably iffy parts to working from home!

See if you agree; here are four of the worst parts of working from home.

1. You’re Losing All Social Skills From Being Alone So Often
Sometimes you can go 8 hours without even needing to open your mouth and speak. On other days, you will have long, fulfilling conversations with your pet/your toaster/yourself. Either way, you’ve noticed you’re a little more awkward and stilted when you’re having conversations with other, actual human beings.
2. Sometimes You Wear The Same Outfit For Four Days
And I mean this seriously – you sleep in the outfit, you work in the outfit, and you relax in the outfit. Leggings are a genius invention. Of course, this is only because you’re so focused on work that you don’t have time to think about getting changed… Ahem.
3. You Feel Like Your Neighbours Judge You For Working From Home
Do they think you’re lazy? Do they think you’re unemployed? Do they think you run an elaborate drug ring? You’re not sure, but you feel strangely guilty whenever they catch you picking up your post in your PJs at two in the afternoon.
4. People Always Think You Have Free Time
Because you can choose your own hours, people always expect you to be free whenever they want to do something. Excuse me? I have to fit 40 hours of typing within the next five days, and therefore I cannot attend your sister’s husband’s last minute lunch.

What do you think are some of the worst parts of working from home? Comment below and let me know your ideas!