5 Ways To Move Forward When You’re Uncertain About Your Future

Do you feel uncertain about your future? Many people of many ages struggle with this problem, but there is no one solution. However, changing your mind-set and your daily attitude can help you to move forward and gain clarity – check out 5 ways to move forward when you’re uncertain about your future.

1. Have a great attitude. You don’t have to view your uncertain future negatively – this could be the point in your life where you discover your true passions and interests. Having a positive attitude means you are more likely to notice and seize opportunities when they pop up. Having a negative attitude can leave you dwelling on your situation, rather than focusing on how to move forward.

2. Believe in your current job. Even if you don’t want to stay at your job, focus on the positives while you’re there. From paying the bills to helping you grow as person, most jobs will give you something very useful without you even noticing. Don’t give up on your work – the skills you work on while you’re there could later help you to land your dream job.

3. Work on improving yourself. Very successful people and companies continue to work on self-improvement even when they are doing well. Instead of thinking about your uncertain future, think about you could make yourself the best version of yourself in preparation for the future.

4. Decide what you want. You may feel uncertain, but there are probably many things you are already certain about. Ask yourself; what industry do I want to work in? Where do I want to be in 5 months? Where do I want to be in 5 years? Even if you can only answer one question, that is one thing you know for sure about your future.

5. Stick it out. If you do the four things above for a week and stop, you will not feel yourself moving forward. Stay focused on moving forward and having a positive mind-set, and you will slowly but surely notice your future becoming clearer to you. Good luck!


4 Unexpected Distractions When You’re Working From Home

Do you work from home? Many people who work from home are extremely productive for various reasons. For instance, you don’t have to commute to work or deal with office gossip, but there can be some downsides to working from home.

Check out 3 unexpected distractions that could ruin your productivity while you work from home.


Working from home means you rarely have a set lunch time, which actually means many people don’t eat a proper lunch. Many people who work from home forget to plan lunch and end up grabbing something quick from their fridge, which won’t satisfy your appetite and could leave you feeling hungry and distracted later on in the day.

Decide what you’re going to eat for lunch in the morning to guarantee a productive day. Good options are salads, sandwiches and cold pastas, as they don’t take too long to prepare and they will give the energy you need to have a proactive day. Try to set a time for lunch, so you know to stop and refuel.

Music With Lyrics
Many people listen to music while working from home to help make their work more pleasant and enjoyable. However, music with lyrics can actually make it harder for you to focus fully on your work. If you like to listen to music while you work, listen to music without lyrics for the first hour while you get into your stride. Good options are jazz or classical – then you can switch to music with lyrics once you’re in the working zone!

Sitting Directly In Front Of A Window

Don’t sit in a dark room with the curtains closed – it may make you feel slightly insane – but sitting directly in front of a window can be a big distraction.

Birds chirping, people talking and the day getting darker can distract you very easily. When you’re really in the zone, you don’t notice the day getting darker, but you can’t help but to notice when you’re sat in front of a window. Instead, sit somewhere where you can enjoy natural light without looking directly outside.

Can you think of any other distractions for people working from home? Please let me know – they could be distracting me as I type! 🙂

I hope you all had great weekends J

The Creative Blogger Awards

Hey everyone!

This blog post is going to be a little different to my normal posts – I’ve been nominated for the creative blogger award by the wonderful Daisy, from Transitions In My Life. I love reading her blog because it is refreshingly honest and I can really relate to it at times. So thank you for posting Daisy! Lets go….

Here are the Rules/instructions:

Thank and link back to the person who nominated you (mention your nominator in your own award post with a link back to their original award post, which would be this one).

Share 7 things about yourself.

Nominate other bloggers and comment on their blogs (usually on their about page or contact directly if necessary) to let them know.

1. This one is probably pretty obvious to most people who follow my blog – I am a freelance writer and transcriptionist! I love my job for lots of reasons; I get to work in my PJs and sometimes people pay me to write articles about awesome stuff, like zombies or penguins.

2. I have a poodle called Holly. She is 14 years old and the love of my life. Sometimes I wish I could live a day in the life of Holly, snoozing all day….

3. Green is my favourite colour, closely followed by yellow. I love anything bright and cheery!

4. I struggle to write unless I am listening to music, but I find lyrics really distracting if I’m working, so most days I write and listen to Mozart or Beethoven on Youtube. This makes me sound cultural and intelligent – do not be fooled, I am not.

5. I am a bit of a TV junkie, and my favourite shows are Game Of Thrones, Hannibal and Community. If you enjoy any of these shows, let me know; I love to have a good conversation about them!

6. I love to read – genre doesn’t matter! From fact to fiction, from historical to horror, I will read it. I’m currently a bit lost as I’ve just finished a book, so if you have any suggestions I’m listening. 🙂

7. Yesterday I accidentally showed the post man around my house after mistaking him for someone who was coming for a house viewing. He didn’t tell me he was the wrong person until I had shown him around 4 rooms. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaand that is why I work from home.

I am going to comment on the other blogs I am nominating so they can get involved too. It was surprisingly hard to think of 7 facts!

I hope you all enjoyed reading! 🙂