4 Methods To Help You Break ANY Bad Habit Part Two

4 Methods To Help You Break ANY Bad Habit Part Two

Do you want to drop your bad habits? We all have bad habits that we would like to change, from procrastinating to smoking to overspending. Check out 4 tips to help you break ANY bad habit in your life.

1. Change your environment – often your environment will be linked to your bad habit. For instance, if you work in a shopping mall, you may be more inclined to overspend, and if you live with smokers, you may find it harder to quit smoking. Make quitting easier for yourself by being aware of the places that tempt you, and if it is possible, try to avoid them.

2. Be aware of why your habit is bad – most people want to quit their bad habit, but when their willpower is tested they only feel tempted. If you want to cut down on sugary drinks, remind yourself when you’re tempted why you don’t want to. This may seem obvious, but it will make it easier to stay away from your bad habit.

3. Replace your bad habit with a good habit – instead of leaving a space in your life where your bad habit was, find a new habit that you’ve always wanted to try, such as cooking, reading or painting. You never know – your new, good habit could be much more enjoyable than your old, bad habit!

4. Review why you relapse – many people relapse when they are trying to quit a bad habit, but this shouldn’t deter you from quitting. Instead of feeling sad about your relapse, ask yourself these questions; was I in a good mood or a bad mood? Was my relapse affected by my mood or my environment, or neither?

What did you think of this list? Do you have a bad habit that you want to quit? I am trying to cut down on sugary snacks – so far, so good!

5 Methods To Help You Break ANY Bad Habit

5 Methods To Help You Break ANY Bad Habit

Do you have a bad habit you wish you could drop? Many people have a few bad habits that they wish they could drop, but they don’t think they have the willpower to do so. From procrastinating to overspending, check out 5 methods to help you break any bad habit.

1. Understand Your Bad Habit

If you understand your bad habit, it will be easier for you to get rid of it. You may be repeating bad habits without even realizing, so take some time to think about your bad habit. Ask yourself these questions; What is my bad habit? What triggers my bad habit? How often do I indulge in my bad habit?

2. Prepare Yourself To Quit Your Bad Habit

You may want to drop your bad habit right now, but if you drop it without preparing properly, you may pick it right back up again. Changing a habit takes time, so over the next week list every reason why you want to stop. It can also be beneficial to record how often you catch yourself doing it.

3. Implement Change Slowly

After a week of preparing, start to cut your bad habit out of your life. If you overspend, impose a spending limit and avoid shopping malls. If you want to start dieting, try cutting your favorite treat out of your diet. Every week, impose another limitation to help you get used to your new life without your bad habit.

4. Fine Yourself To Break The Habit

Many people struggle to quit their bad habits completely because they bend the rules in their mind. Make sure you stick to quitting by fining yourself every time you indulge in your bad habit. This is an added deterrent and it will make it harder for you to make excuses for yourself.

5. Remember That Your Willpower Has To Last

After a few months without your bad habit, you may thing you deserve to treat yourself – to your bad habit! This way of thinking will make you more likely to fail, so focus on your willpower. You have gone for so long without your bad habit that you clearly don’t need it, so remember this and se it as added willpower to make sure that bad habit stays in the past. Good luck!

What did you think of this list? Do you agree? Let me know what you think!

I hope everyone is having a great week!