5 Ways To Be Nice Even When You Don’t Want To


In an ideal world we would only have to interact with friendly, kind, considerate people. They would make an effort to get along with others, and they would avoid causing conflict or burdening others.

Sadly we don’t live in an ideal world. Some people are rude, inconsiderate and selfish, and we still have to spend time with them. These people don’t have the same sense of humour as you, they get on your nerves and you sometimes wish you could avoid them – but you can’t.

It can be difficult to be nice to people like this, but normally that is the best decision. Choosing to actively dislike someone can result in you becoming unpleasant yourself; maybe you will gossip about them or encourage others to dislike them, or maybe you will unfairly judge them due to your dislike of them.

It is easy to be mean to mean people, but it doesn’t achieve anything. Here are 5 ways to be nice to someone, even when you don’t want to be nice.


1. Try To Be Aware Of The Times When You Aren’t Nice

You may find that you sometimes snap at people without meaning to. It is too late to change that reaction, but it isn’t too late to address why you weren’t nice. It could be because you were tired after a long day, so you took your frustrations out on someone else. Acknowledge the exact reason why you weren’t kind, and you will be less likely to repeat the action.


2. Avoid Conflict

If you don’t feel like being nice you might be tempted to bring up issues that will cause conflict, but this will just make the problem worse. Instead focus on being friendly – and if you do want to say something critical, make sure that it is constructive.


3. Focus On Common Ground

Even if you think that you have absolutely nothing in common with the other person, there will be at least one thing that you both agree on. Make an effort to talk to them about different things, including music, TV, sports and hobbies. Just having one thing that you see eye-to-eye on will make it easier for you to be nice to each other. Avoid political subjects, as this conversation may end up making you both dislike each other even more!


4. Make Kind Gestures

If the person you dislike is a co-worker, ask if they want anything from the shop when you make a shop run. If it is someone you spend time with outside of work (such as a family member, or a friend of your partners), offer to help them with a small task. These small gestures will make it easier for you to get along, and it will help to reduce any tension or awkwardness between you.


Minimize Contact


If the other person isn’t reciprocating your gestures you should minimize contact with them for your own emotional wellbeing. If you see each other less it will be easier for you to be nice when you do see them, and it means that the relationship will become a smaller part of your life. You may not be able to control the other person’s actions, but you can control your own!


Sometimes the biggest challenge isn’t being going at your job – it is standing out. Sometimes people feel like their achievements aren’t being acknowledged at work, which can be very frustrating.

There are also lots of advantages to standing out – you are more likely to be chosen for a promotion or a pay raise.

Here are 5 tips to help you stand out at work.


Speak up in meetings. Meetings often feel like a huge waste of time, but they do give you the opportunity to interact with your bosses. Try to participate in every meeting, even if it is just one or two comments.

Speak to people who you don’t directly work with. Don’t just talk to your immediate team unless you want to go under the radar. Speak to other teams that you work with and your bosses – this way, other people are much more likely to notice if you are working hard.

Make sure that you bring something to the table. Imagine you were replaced by someone with the relevant qualifications tomorrow – do you think that they would do a better job? If you want to stand out, you have to be a great candidate who brings something to the table, instead of taking something away.

Turn all of your work in on time. Boring, but true.

Do things without being asked. No-one wants to work for free, but the people who go above and beyond are always more memorable than the slackers. It is important to mention the completed task to your bosses later so that they know it was you – if not, they may assume it was someone else. Mention the task briefly and move on so you don’t come across as braggy.



It can be hard to be productive when you work from home. There are distractions everywhere, from the lay in you could be having to the tempting television. If you struggle to stay productive when you work from home, check out these 4 tips.


Wear something that isn’t your PJs

Sure, it is pretty cool that you can work from home in your comfies, but it can also ruin your productivity. Get yourself into the right mind-set every morning by putting on proper clothes to signal the beginning of your working day.

Create a commute

Plan a small trip around your block or to your local shop before you start working. This helps you to set a work day ritual, and it gives you the chance to plan out your day before you start.

Make your own work space

Working from your bed or sofa can give you back problems, and it makes it harder to get into a productive mind-set. Set up a desk and chair with good lighting in a free space that you can use. Consider taking your work outside your home occasionally by working in the park or a coffee shop to give you a change of scenery.

Take breaks

Just like anyone who works in an office, you need breaks. Little breaks help your mind to stay refreshed and focused, and it will boost your mood – no-one wants a stressful work day!


Do you have any other tips for people who work from home? Let me know with a comment!


For most people, job interviews are an essential part of finding work and moving up the career ladder. If you have great interview skills, a job interview can be the chance for you to secure a great new role. However, job interviews can easily turn disastrous.


Check out 8 ways to ruin a job interview here.

Arrive late. This one doesn’t really need explaining – if you can’t turn up on time to the interview, you probably wouldn’t turn up on time to work. (Of course, emergencies are an exception!)

Smell bad. This doesn’t just mean the smell of sweat; too much perfume or body spray is also pretty off-putting, alongside the fresh smell of cigarettes. The best way to smell is like nothing at all – unless your interview is at a perfume shop.

Not preparing for an interview. This makes it seem like you aren’t very interested in the company you want to work for.

Bragging too much. Instead of talking about every great thing you’ve ever done, try to link your previous experience to the new role.

Your phone ringing or receiving a text loudly. This is just pretty unprofessional – switch it off or put it on silent.

Avoiding eye contact. Smiling at the interviewer and holding eye contact makes you seem confident and in control, whereas looking away can make you seem disinterested or shy.

Complaining about your ex co-workers. This can come across as childish and unprofessional.

Only asking questions about the perks of the job. Of course you want to know – but wait until you actually have the job to find out the benefits.


Hi everyone! Today I am posting something a little bit different – a company I write for are looking for an intern and a guest contributor. I have lots of amazing, talented followers on here and I wanted to open the job offer up to you guys. Feel free to show it to any of your friends who are writers, too! 🙂


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Thank you for reading this!




1. Instead of working late, work early, Research says we are more productive when we first wake up.

2. Instead of multitasking, focus on one task until it is finished. Research shows that most people are actually less productive when they multi-task.

3. Instead of setting big life goals, set small milestones. This will allow you to track your progress more effectively.

4. Instead of emailing all day during work, set aside certain times to check and reply to email. This stops you from getting distracted while you work.

5. Instead of making up excuses, be honest with yourself. People are often more productive when they are more realistic.

6. Instead of making lists in your mind, write them down. You will be able to fully focus on your tasks this way.

7. Instead of using too much technology, use the right amount. Replace a social media app with one that will help with your work or your passions.

8. Instead of having a lay-in, set your alarm and make the most of the morning.

9. Instead of procrastinating, go for a walk. It will help you to clear your mind and refocus.

10. Instead of working solidly, take a 10 minute break every hour. It will help your mind to stay active.


Do you have any other suggestions? I am fairly productive but I sometimes have days where I don’t get much done, so I am always looking out for tips!


Searching for a job is extremely tough. It involves a lot of work; crafting your resume, searching for job listings and online job boards, writing countless different cover letters, preparing for interviews and finally, interviewing.

If you are what to make sure that your resume stands out among the rest, check out two essential tips you should follow.

1. Show off your personality
It often seems like there are too many people and not enough jobs. Many people apply for hundreds of jobs without even securing an interview, which can feel demoralising and frustrating. Make sure your resume stands out by filling it with your personality. Include any volunteering or networking that you have done, and include some character in your cover letter. If you make the interviewer smile, they are much more likely to remember your resume later.


2. Take any advice you get


If you applied for a job and didn’t get the position, email the company to see if they can provide you with any feedback. It could only have been one thing on your resume that stopped you getting the job, and if you change that now, you are more likely to get hired later. Sometimes it can be hurtful getting constructive criticism, but remind yourself it is just that; it is constructive criticism, designed to help you improve.


Do you agree with this? Do you disagree? Let me know with a comment! I hope everyone is enjoying the new year!