Do you want to be great at your job? Some people don’t mind, but for others career advancement is extremely important. They want to earn more money and have more responsibilities, but they are unsure how to actually show this – beyond good, old fashioned hard work.

However, there are many other simple things you can do to be the best at your job – check them out here.

Form relationships – You don’t have to force yourself to be friends with your lazy co-worker, but forming relationships with other hard-working and positive employees will benefit you in many ways. You will feel more job satisfaction, you will be better integrated with your co-workers, you may notice you are more motivated, and your boss will see that you are a keen team player.

Take initiative – this may sound obvious, but many workers actually worry about seeming pushy or making a bad idea, so they avoid taking any initiative. You know the company well and your ideas are relevant, so if you think of something that you think would make the company more effective or more efficient, propose the idea to your boss. You never know what will happen – you could completely change the company for the better.

Be part of the solution – you can be part of the problem, part of the solution or indifferent. Don’t be the worker that doesn’t pull their weight; aim to be a problem-solver rather than a complainer.

Avoid gossip – this should go without saying, but boredom often takes over and many people do gossip at work. Ask yourself this; would I gossip about my friends outside of work? If someone at work finds out about me gossiping, will it put me in a negative light? Will it hinder my chances of moving up?

Volunteer for new opportunities – from taking on extra work to getting involved in a new project, this will add variation to your role and show that you are a key team player.

What do you think of this list? Do you want to get promoted in your job, or is your job just a way for you to pay the bills? I’d love to hear your thoughts on work!

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