6 Problems That Freelancers Can Face

6 Problems That Freelancers Can Face

Are you a freelancer? I love my job – I find my work fulfilling, fun and challenging. Every day presents something new to me, and I learn new skills all of the time. However, just like all jobs, there are some downsides to working as a freelancer.

Check out 7 problems that freelance writers can face.

1. Working In Separate Time Zones

One of the best parts of freelancing is being able to work with anyone in the world, but there are downsides too. If you are working in a separate time zone to your client, you will regularly experience 4AM Skype calls and working through the night. The hardest part? Having to stay awake the next morning so you can still speak to your clients who are in the same country as you. Sleep – who needs it?

2. Finding Your Own Clients

Promoting yourself and finding new clients can be a difficult part of freelancing. You feel like you spend every day bigging yourself up online to attract clients, and sometimes you wistfully consider buying your own billboard to let people know you’re available.

3. Avoiding Procrastination

Without a boss hovering over your shoulder, you realize how remarkably easy it is to procrastinate. Facebook, Instagram, Netflix and Twitter are your worst temptations, and on bad days, you have to force yourself to work. Where is the productive fairy when you need her?

4. Working Alone

You used to hate the office gossip, but after a few months of working alone, you start to miss the company of others. You speak to your clients regularly, but they don’t want to talk to you about the latest gossip in your life – which surprises you, because you know how interesting it is. 😉

5. Managing your finances

Many freelancers don’t have a set income, so it is important that they know how to be thrifty and save up. Also, doing taxes. Am I right?

6. Finding The Work/Personal Life Balance

If you live with your family or housemates, you will know the struggle of working while they are at home. Often you have to set out clear working hours, so you don’t offend them – and sometimes you have to fight the temptation to put the work down and go hang out with your loved ones.

Despite all of this, I love my job – I just thought this would be a funny read for any other freelancers. Can you think of any more downsides to freelancing, or working from home? Let me know your ideas 🙂


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