What To Do If You’re Considering Becoming A Freelancer

Are you considering becoming a freelancer? Many people are trying to make the leap from employment to self-employment, but it is often difficult to successfully break into the freelancing market.

Check out four tips for anyone who is interested in becoming a freelancer.

  1. Speak To Other Freelancers In Your Field

There are many benefits to talking to freelancers in the field you want to work in.

They can give you advice on how to use your skills to earn money, as well as often helping you to find your first paid gig. They can also help you to figure out the rates people charge in your field, so you know you are making a fair amount of money.

  1. Make Yourself Known

Try to join sites like LinkedIn and put yourself out there as much as you possibly can. Speak to everyone you know about your new position, as you never know who would be interested in your services. A great way to kick-start your business is to make your own website to get your name out there.

  1. Be Willing To Work For Free

Of course you can’t survive on air alone, but if you are still in full-time work, offer to do small jobs for free. This will really help to build up your portfolio, and they could come back later as paying customers.

  1. Make Contact With Possible Clients

Once you know what you want to do as a freelancer, don’t be shy! Think about your target audience, and think of some names and companies. Email them letting them know about your services and prices. This confident attitude will help businesses to take you seriously, and you may be surprised by the offers you get.

Do you guys have any other tips for people who are planning on becoming freelancers? Let me know your ideas!

One comment

  1. nicoledcn · April 9, 2015

    This is such good advice, I really like the idea of being a freelancer but it’s always seemed so difficult!

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