How To Stop Overthinking

Are you an over-thinker? It can be very stressful and difficult to live with, but there are various habits you can use to reduce over-thinking and make your life more relaxed and stress-free.

Check out four tips to help you to stop over-thinking.

  1. Less Thinking, More Doing

Sometimes excessive over-thinking can actually stop you from being productive. Next time you find yourself over-thinking, try to think of a small action you could make to improve the situation.

From sending an email to saving some money, having a plan in place will help you to feel more in control of your life, while reducing over-thinking. Winner!

  1. Set Limits For Your Decisions

Over-thinking a situation can distort the situation in your mind, leaving you more clueless than when you first started. One great way to combat this is to put a time limit on your decisions. Knowing you have a deadline often helps people to think rationally, without becoming stressed out.

  1. Look At The Bigger Picture

It may seem cliché, but this is a great way to combat over-thinking. Often people can become obsessed with one thing, repeatedly mulling it over in their minds. Taking a step back and trying out a wider perspective can often help you to realize your time and energy can be spent in ways that are better for you.

  1. Know That You Cannot Control Everything

Accept that you cannot control everything, and that worrying about every single eventually is pointless. It is very freeing to know some things are out of your hands, and that sometimes the best option is it simply go with the flow.

What did you guys think of this post? I am quite an over thinker but I’ve become more relaxed over the last year or so!

I spent this weekend trying out new recipes with my housemate, and I went out for a drink and a catch up with an old friend last night. How was your Easter weekend? Comment and let me know!


One comment

  1. Dani · April 9, 2015

    Absolutely love this post as I am a massive over-thinker! Especially agree with the ‘do more’ part. Taking the thought out of the action helps to eliminate the thought just as a bi-product. Thank you for posting 🙂 xx

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