4 Tips To Keep You Focused While Working From Home

Do you struggle to stay focused when you’re working from home? With less structure and rules, many people can find their day is less productive than they would have liked.

Here are four tips to help you stay focussed when you work from home.

  1. Use A Traffic Light System With Family Members

As I’ve mentioned before, family and housemates can be one of the biggest hits to productivity when you’re working from home.

A good way to combat this is to use red, green and yellow tape on the door so they know what you’re up to. Red means not to knock, green means they can come in, and yellow means they can come in if it is important. One of the best part of this is children love this idea – so they will normally stick to it!

Tip: Red is great for first thing in the morning, so you have no distractions.

  1. Make Appointments For The Start Or End Of Your Day

One of the best parts of working from home is being able to set your own schedule. Don’t let this ruin your productivity though – arrange any doctors or dentist appointments for before or after you start work.

This can help you to stay in your work flow and minimize disruptions.

  1. If You Start Getting Distracted, Take A 15 Minute Break

It’s totally normal to get distracted at work, whether you work at home or in an office. If you feel your productivity starting to slide, take a 15 minute break – and no longer

During this time go to the bathroom, make a drink, or listen to a song – but try to avoid checking Facebook or any other social media, as you can struggle to refocus later.

  1. Talk To Your Co-Workers

Many people can grow demotivated when working from home because they don’t get to socialise with co-workers. Avoid this by setting up Skype meetings with co-workers, rather than emails. Often these Skype sessions can help you to come up with fresh and original ideas – you could even make a few work friends!

What did you guys think about this list? Do you have any other tips to help people stay productive?

I think staying focused and productive at work can be a real issue for a lot of people – including me! So I’ll probably be doing more posts like this in the future.

I hope everyone had a great weekend – I made a vegan curry with my housemate and it was amazing. I went out for drinks on Friday, too, which was also amazing – unlike the Saturday morning hangover!


  1. daisy9979 · March 30, 2015

    Great tips! I make myself go to the gym in the morning so it’s out of the way and I have the rest of the day to accomplish tasks. I’m not working at all right now but I have things I need to accomplish during the day (writing, job hunting, interview prep). This week I’m trying to make a schedule and set time limits for tasks to help me stay focused but I find it’s so easy to get distracted from what I’m supposed to be doing especially if I venture onto Facebook.

    Liked by 2 people

    • The Twentysomething Social Recluse · March 31, 2015

      Yes, Facebook is the worst! I get sucked in, and after an hour I’m like….Damn. Haha. I’m glad you liked my post! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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