5 Things You Should Consider When Creating A Home Office

Hey everyone! I thought today I’d write a post on how to create a home office you love working in. When I first started working from home, I just sat at the kitchen table and started writing. However, after a few hours I would always end up on Facebook! I think it is important to create a space you associate with work and productivity.

So, here are five things that are useful to consider when you’re creating your home office.

1. The Size

As you will probably be spending at least 30 hours a week in this space, you need to make sure the surroundings are perfect. If you squeeze yourself into a room that is too small, you could find yourself becoming frustrated, making your working hours stressful.

2. The Surroundings

Think about the distractions you might face in the room. Are you facing out onto a busy street? Can you hear your neighbours talking in this room? People do their best work when they can focus fully, so you need a space where there isn’t too many distractions.

3. The Seating

If you splash any cash while you’re building your home office, make sure it’s on the chair! It’s going to be with you for years of work; make sure it’s comfortable and good for your spine.

4. The Lighting

If the space you work in has plenty of light, you reduce the chances of headaches and eye strain. Look after yourself by making sure you have a window in your home office and a small lamp on the desk.

5. The Mood

This is your personal space, where you do probably do some of your best work. Paint the walls a color you like, put up pictures that you love, and make the walls reflect how you want to feel while you work!

Can you think of any other useful tips for people who are creating their own home offices? Comment and let me know!


One comment

  1. kinhnghiemnghenghiep · January 29, 2015

    i like some pic with full color in my wallett


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